A taste of the town for international students

an interactive, online guide for international students

The background

The University of Huddersfield welcomes thousands of students from around the world every year. To give these prospective students a taste of the town, the University asked us to create a unique online guide to Huddersfield’s cultural and social highlights.

The filming

From bars to restaurants, galleries to libraries, we filmed real students across 22 different locations. The result was a library of dynamic ten-second films showcasing the best Huddersfield has to offer.

The interactive bit

Our films provide the basis for a unique online guide to Huddersfield. To begin their journey, users are shown a map of Huddersfield with a variety of locations. Pick up to five locations to create your perfect day, drop it in your timeline and you're good to go. Users can create as many perfect days as they like - the combinations are endless.


This is the clever bit: the guide works as a Facebook app, so users login with their Facebook details. Within each of the ten-second videos, a user's name and profile photo are seamlessly integrated into the footage. All thanks to our clever friends at digital agency Whitespace. The result is a genuinely personalised, highly interactive guide to Huddersfield for prospective students from across the globe. You can try it out for yourself at www.explorehud.co.uk.

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