Learning Technologies Awards Win

Celebrating our first ever entry to the Learning Technologies Awards with a win.

We’ve always made plenty of content that found its way into lots of different learning packages: short films here, presenter-led pieces there, and a sprinkling of animation throughout. For much of our 15 years in business, our core activity was largely film and animation for internal comms and brand marketing.

And then a couple of years ago, we started applying more of the creative storytelling and narrative elements we were known for to the learning content we were being asked to produce. Our concepts were informing the learning outcomes: we were being asked to input into the broader scope of the learning and make recommendations on the overall approach.  We had a bit of a revelation when we realised nobody else was taking this approach to learning, and that what we’re doing was beyond the norm.  

So we started creating full end-to-end digital learning packages, multimedia solutions ready for deployment to tens of thousands of colleagues, eschewing run-of-the-mill training solutions in favour of immersive, engaging and effective content.

The culmination of this journey was our shortlisting at the prestigious Learning Technologies Awards a couple of months ago - for our first ever entry in a learning industry awards. 

At the ceremony last week, we were unbelievably happy to walk away with the Bronze award for Excellence in the Design of Learning Content. A win on our first ever entry!

The awards entry process was pretty intense compared to the internal comms and marketing awards we’d been involved in (and won) previously.  There was a really in-depth written entry to produce, and then something totally new for us, a live presentation in front of the panel of awards judges.  As with the project itself, we collaborated with our client on all aspects of the entry: their knowledge and experience was incredible, and they were old hands at the live presentation! 

It’s great to be recognised for our work on a stage of that size, and feels like validation of our unique approach to digital learning content. It’s also cemented our recruitment-to-retirement proposition: content that moves, engages, inspires and empowers employees at every stage of their career.