A note from our MD Nick

As we take down the office tree and close up the shutters for a well-earned Christmas break (well, one of us does while everyone else works from home), we realise that somehow, it's the end of another year.

And what a year it’s been. While the outside world has proved to be strange and challenging at times, we've done what we do best as a business: getting our heads down and supporting our clients in the way they’ve come to expect from Limehouse.  The result has been some fantastic collaborative work with our clients, and some impressive headway made with our own team and the wider business side of things:

We recruited five new people across production and post production, growing the team to 19.  We started out on a journey working with a handful of nice new clients, including one of the world’s biggest publishers and more NHS Trusts. 

We entered the Learning Technologies Awards for the first time with a complex piece of interactive digital learning content around cyber security, and walked away with an award.  

We invested more than £100k in post production kit, bolstering our edit, graphics and animation capabilities, and we redesigned our office space to meet our hybrid working needs - introducing more collaborative flexible spaces for face-to-face sessions, and invested in state-of-the-art conferencing equipment to ensure we can stay in touch with each other and our clients, wherever they are in the world. 

It's been the second year unlike any other - were we in lockdown at the start of this year?  Did we work from home most of the year too?  We all really have to think hard about this at times - we've been deep in the pandemic for such a long time now that it does all start to feel like it really is the new normal.

But we've been clearer this year that we didn't want to stand still!

Navigating this 'new normal' has thrown up its fair share of challenges for everyone.  But it's presented us with a lot of opportunities too.  And as we look back at 2021 we're grateful for these; for a fantastic group of clients that challenge us (and are happy to be challenged), for a strong and committed network of freelancers who support us whenever we need them,  and for all our other partners who help us continue the drive forwards to grow the Limehouse business. 

2021 has not been normal.  We can all agree on that.  But 2021 at Limehouse has still been a blast.  Thanks to everyone who has been with us this year.

Stay safe, keep well and have a very merry Christmas.