A note from our MD Nick

Just when we thought the global turmoil of Covid and everything else was behind us, 2022 asked us to hold its beer while it fetched another round of seemingly never-ending crises.

What a year. Against a backdrop of the war in Ukraine, three prime ministers, more chancellors than I can count and UK economic uncertainty, we celebrated 15 years in business… And worked flat out to make this the best year we’ve ever had. 

We delivered 146 new projects, welcomed six new members of the team, and returned to our sparkly Leeds City office in hybrid form (thanks to Covid for keeping the office pristine for the last two years).

Our clients have remained by our side and continued to provide creative and challenging briefs. It’s allowed us to produce some of the most complex and satisfying pieces of content in our history - filming across the length and breadth of the UK, Europe and North America covering some really quite important themes - fraud and cyber crime, economic and financial abuse, male suicide, health and wellbeing, mental health, loneliness, the cost of living crisis to name but a few. 

Real world issues affecting every one of us, and par for the course when you’re helping employees and stakeholders navigate their life at work from recruitment to retirement. 

And in the process we've celebrated (in our usual Limehouse style) great news across the team - milestone birthdays, awards and accolades, three proposals, one wedding, one cat, one dog and a baby! 

So as we close our doors for a well earned Christmas break (the agency will close from Friday 23rd December, reopening on the 3rd January) the team and I want to send our heartfelt thanks to you all - our clients, delivery partners, friends and family for continuing to give us your unwavering support.

The business and sum of its parts are far greater than we could have ever imagined when we opened our doors 15 years ago, and for that we are all truly grateful.

Wishing you and your families a fantastic holiday period -  eat, drink, (rest!) and be merry, and we all look forward to returning in January fighting fit and raring to go for whatever 2023 brings!