seeing concepts come to life on shoot

Our Learning Designer Gemma joined Limehouse a few months ago. She went on shoot last week to see the evolution of her work from concepts on a page to live action filming, so we asked her to write about her experience.


The setting of the latest two instalments of an ongoing piece of cyber security-themed digital learning we’re creating is a cavernous, cold mill transformed by blue LED strip lights and an immense number of PC monitors that enclose the centrepiece, a cutting-edge 3D holograph table. There’s a decidedly digital blue glow to every actor, extra and prop that sends the learner straight into an office of the future. This is the control room of Simulation One, Limehouse’s latest solution to our client’s brief of delivering fresh new learning for their colleagues. 

This is my first time on shoot with Limehouse, and it certainly left a great impression. The production values are incredible, more reminiscent of a Netflix drama than any regular piece of learning. As a learning designer, I’m aware that the benefits of story-based digital learning over traditional face-to-face learning are already well known. But how much more likely are learners to remember facts if they themselves are an active participant of that story? Here on set, one of the characters delivers his line directly into the camera, addressing the learner and prompting them to act.  


I’m perched behind the director and the client watching the camera’s POV on a monitor. It has an immediately engaging effect, even before editing and graphics are added in post-production.  

The director stands and heads out to deliver instructions to the crew. “There’s a better one in there.” He says. Even if that take was good, there’s something even better we can get. I think about my own work and how there is always a better, more impactful way of designing learning just over the horizon. 

It's been a great day of filming and now I get to see how all of these behemoth pieces of equipment fold down and away neatly into their modest boxes. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the script was brought to life on set and all the work that goes into capturing even the shortest of scenes. If I’m invited back to the old mill again, I’ll have to remember to bring a coat!