Back Together Again

After 15 months of Teams calls, occasional solo visits to the office and the odd face-to-face chat, the full Limehouse team was finally able to meet up in person to reflect on the last year and hear about our exciting plans for the future.

Following the excitement of seeing each other in the flesh (and the sheer shock of seeing another human in full-length, 3D, non-Teams reality), we settled down to hear about some of the strategic development work that’s been going on over the last few months that will shape the future of Limehouse.

We talked about everything from the latest trends in internal communication and the newest tech in film production, to the style of new carpet we’re going to lay in the boardroom (a bespoke Limehouse design by our very own Ross, since you ask).

We then made the gruelling three-minute walk to our local - and one of Leeds’ finest hostelries - the Midnight Bell, to enjoy a delicious lunch and some first-rate catching up.

After so long apart, it’s easy to forget what the people you work with are actually like. After half an hour, it was just as easy to remember how much we like being together.  With the easing of restrictions and a gradual return to some kind of normality, we’re looking forward to doing it all again, and doing it soon.