Exploring Risk

Understanding risk factors through high end film content

The Challenge

Our client approached us with the challenge to create an engaging, large scale piece of digital learning that addressed various risk factors in work and the part colleagues play in minimising the company’s exposure to those risks . The aim was to help learners draw parallels between the precautions they took in day-to-day activities - like locking the door on leaving house, or checking the amount on a card transaction at a restaurant - and those they encounter through the course of their work. 

Our Solution

We created a range of typical scenarios spanning the course of normal life, from leaving the house to walking in the park, and paying for a meal to driving on the roads. These scenes were contrasted with scenarios from inside the workplace, featuring colleagues going about their typical activities.

We focused on bringing each story to life with incredibly high production values - these were large scale productions with multi-camera setups, meticulously planned lighting arrangements and high-calibre talent.

We created bespoke motion-tracked 3D graphics to highlight specific areas of the scene - focusing the learner’s attention and bringing to life the everyday risks we process without even thinking.

The result was an incredibly engaging series of films, with the key learning outcomes incorporated naturally into the narrative rather than being spoon fed to the audience - a far more effective method of learning, and a valuable use of colleagues’ time. 

Doing it my way

Helping St. Anne’s community services improve end of life care

Doing it my way

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