M&S Automated Warehouse

Engaging colleagues in the future of distribution

The Challenge

M&S, one of the world’s largest retailers, commissioned us to make a film to promote the work being done at their newly developed automated warehouse.

They wanted to convey the sheer size and scale of the warehouse (1.1m sq ft) and demonstrate the innovative automated processes responsible for distributing items to M&S stores around the country. 

Our Solution 

We made an initial visit to the warehouse to develop a better understanding of the processes and environment in which we’d be filming. We then looked at how we could bring these processes to life in the most effective way possible.

Our aim was to demonstrate the various processes by following an item on its journey through the warehouse, from arrival to departure. So we developed a storyboard reflecting the specific techniques we’d use to film each stage of the process.

We made use of aerial drone footage to convey the sheer size and scale of the warehouse from the exterior, and to take advantage of the cavernous interior.

We attached small GoPro cameras to the crates to provide a ‘first person’ perspective of the product’s journey, and used standard camera arrangements to provide an overview of the journey.

In post production, we developed bespoke motion-tracked graphics that appeared to be fixed to a certain physical location, or to follow a particular item along the conveyor belt.

The film was incredibly well received by the client and now forms part of the regular induction for new warehouse employees. The Chief Executive of XPO Logistics, M&S’s partner in the project, was made aware of the film and chose to play it to open their worldwide sales conference in Barcelona in front of 3,000 employees. 

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