Fighting Hunger with ASDA

Helping a retail giant end food poverty

The Challenge

Asda approached us to help showcase the launch of their ‘Fight Hunger’ programme, aimed at transforming lives around the country through a massive investment into food banks and the distribution network that serves them.

They asked for a film rooted in the reality of food insecurity, exploring the existing crisis through the eyes of end users, charities and other people who are active links in the chain of distributing surplus food to where it’s needed most.

Most importantly, Asda wanted a positive, upbeat and affirming showcase of their Fight Hunger programme.

The major challenge in the brief was the client’s wish to recreate a scenario of a family being reliant on food parcels.  This would clearly demand a high degree of sensitivity, and the need to portray this family as authentically as possible.  The most pressing concern was to avoid presenting Asda as being out of touch; a corporate giant only involved for financial reasons.

Our Solution

Our creative approach had to be focused on authenticity, rooted in genuine experiences and accurate in its portrayal of the family.

Our treatment, therefore, was focused on natural and sparse dialogue, subdued tones with appropriate lighting and colour correction in post, and an uplifting, inspiring element created by the music choice and pace of editing.

We incorporated motion tracked graphics into the live action environment to communicate key messages around food poverty and the launch of the programme, positioning them as a subtle and natural part of the environment.

The final deliverable precisely captured the requirements of the brief: an authentic portrayal of the key issue, combined with an uplifting and inspiring showcase of the client’s Fight Hunger programme.

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