Huthwaite International

A new identity for a global skills company

The Challenge

Huthwaite International is a global skills development company. They help their clients sell, negotiate and communicate to the highest standards in the world.

Huthwaite’s existing brand identity was looking tired and outdated. As part of a larger piece of work to launch a refreshed brand, they asked us to create a promotional film campaign that would position Huthwaite as world leaders in their field.

Our Solution

Our creative concept brought to life the company’s philosophy: your journey to outstanding starts with a realisation that things must change.

We wanted to portray Huthwaite’s potential clients in the film, helping the audience make the connection with their own situation.  We wanted the viewer to see themselves in these characters, identifying with their strengths, and, perhaps for the first time, recognising their weaknesses.

Huthwaite provided us with detailed character profiles, reflecting a diverse cross section of the company’s typical clients.  Working with our casting agent partner, we embarked on a comprehensive process of selecting and auditioning suitable actors. We brought together an international cast to reflect Hutwaite’s global reach - key traits were gravitas, confidence, and the aura of a high-performing individual.

With our cast assembled and the script perfected, we undertook group immersion sessions with the actors to embed them in the character.  We wanted their delivery to be natural, authentic and rooted in reality.

We selected a loft-style location and conducted interviews with our actors, using an eyeline device to capture their responses direct to camera. Careful lighting and in-shot props present our characters authentically, and combine with b-roll footage of them interacting with the crew for added realism.

The Outcome

The film was used to launch the new Huthwaite brand across a range of platforms online and in-person. With a slick new identity and the collateral to promote that image across the world, the company has gone from strength to strength and cemented their position as the global leaders in sales and negotiation training.

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